Agnes Joris is a Moluccan born singer songwriter. She graduated in 2009 with a degree in Computer Accounting but has followed her passion for singing from a young age. In 2010 she fully pursued her Singing career breaking into the professional world with her debut gospel album. Agnes is currently residing in Bali, Indonesia where she preforms regularly in local and international gigs such as the annual Jazz Market by the Sea and Ubud Jazz Festival.

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since 2011
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Desianne Kinanthi is an Indonesian born singer who loves sharing her passion in music through singing and playing her taylor guitar. She hopes to inspire her audience through her cover videos and recordings.
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collaborated since 2014
Desi Kinanthi
Ecuazolano is a Venezuelan, Columbian music author hailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands. He debuted his first album ‘Sin Problema’ back in 2009 in the underground club scenes of Rotterdam. Since then Ecua has completed a degree in music production, and is well known in festivals throughout several cities in Spain, Italy, and Germany. He currently produces music for lirikillah Music and RAJAN Airlines in South Holland.
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recorded, and produced debut album 2009
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is a group of three highschool friends who joined together to make contemporary rhumba bossa-nova music. In 2012 the three amigos reunited, and embarked on “El Camino de Santiago” pilgrimage walk where they got inspired to release their first single “Gone” in 2012, and debut their EP “A New Begginning” in 2015.

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Formed in 2006